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Transformation of Consciousness

Creating a new narrative

"In order to transform our life, we need to see our life differently than the way we have viewed it up until now. A shift in consciousness involves a transformation in how we see and understand ourselves and our world. This not only brings forth new insights but frees us to create new narratives for our lives, ones that liberate our true calling to live into the future. When combined with the other four dynamic elements, a shift in consciousness brings about a new way of being; our lives become increasingly attuned to the flow of grace.


A shift in consciousness can occur at two levels. The first is a shift in perspective, which shifts what we see. It is akin to putting on a new lens, or twisting a kaleidoscope, enabling us to see realities and ourselves differently than the way they were seen before. The second involves a deeper transformation in the very nature of consciousness by removing the distractions and distortions of worldly preoccupations and self-concern. This shift is akin to acquiring a new operating system which transforms how we understand what we see. Arriving at a shift in perspective is a bit easier, while the deeper transformation takes a great deal of patience, discipline and practice to acquire. Both contribute to a shift in consciousness, making available greater wisdom and new possibilities previously outside of our awareness and understanding. 


Einstein famously said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” We need, as Jesus said, a new wineskin (new consciousness) in order to hold the new wine (new narrative). Such a transformation of consciousness moves our mental fences, widens our perspectives, invites creative alternatives, elevates our morality and deepens our spiritual journey. It allows us to breathe new life into the ongoing and ever-evolving narrative of our life. It does not invalidate our prior perspectives, rather, it incorporates and transcends them. In this way, shifts in consciousness become soul-shifts that liberate us to grow more fully into who we are called to become. 


We cannot bootstrap ourselves into a shift in consciousness. However, we can do certain things that can either help or hinder its possible development. In this chapter, we will first look at what inhibits us from seeing a different perspective, then explore ways to enable us to shift our perspective. This will be an important step toward a more profound transformation of consciousness and the creation of new narratives, which we will discuss in the second half of this chapter." 


An excerpt from Dr. Ted Dunn's new book, Graced Crossroads: Pathways to deep change and transformation.

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