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Workshops & Webinars

Webinar, 2017
Transformative possibilities and the future of religious life: What sisters under 50 years of age are thinking…

Dr. Ted Dunn has completed his review of responses to his national survey for “younger” sisters in the United States. This survey tapped the experience and reflections of sisters under 50 years of age regarding their own community’s efforts to discern God’s call to new life through various transformative processes. This webinar reviewed the response and invite further reflection and comments. For more information, go to the Religious Formation Conference website.

Journey of Transformation

Over the past several years, Dr. Dunn has introduced his work, guiding communities through a “Journey of Transformation” to religious leaders and communities throughout the United States, Canada, Africa, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Central America. His efforts to assist communities through processes of deep change and transformation are inviting communities to open their boundaries and include more laity in the visioning processes. This seeds the processes with new energy, imagination and talent. As a result, these communities are opening up “new life,” discovering new energy, and reaching across differences and develop a shared vision for the future.

Facilitation Training Workshops

We regularly conduct facilitation training workshops for communities seeking to become their own best resource. We train members to facilitate dyads, small groups, assembly and table conversations. For more information...

Embracing Aging

In light of our aging population, Dr. Ted Dunn has been providing workshops on aging. These workshops explore the effects of aging upon our bodies, minds, emotional and spiritual development as well as families and communities. This an eye opening workshop, one that will help you embrace the aging process with knowledge and hope for the future.

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