Graced Crossroads:
Pathways to Deep Change and Transformation
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Graced Crossroads:
Pathways to Deep Change and Transformation
By Ted Dunn

Catholic religious communities, like many faith-based organizations, are at a crossroads. They are experiencing a seismic transition not only in their demographics but also in their identity, integrity, and relevancy, indeed, their very soul. Dr. Ted Dunn explores these Graced Crossroads addressing four central questions:


  1. What are the graced crossroads religious communities are now facing and the deeper invitations calling them to the inner work of transformation?

  2. What are the challenges and opportunities in our world and within Religious Life that have brought communities to these graced crossroads?

  3. How might communities assess their capacity to engage in communal transformation, what will it ask of them, and what can they expect to come from it?

  4. What does a Journey of Transformation truly involve and how can communities proactively engage in this Divine Mystery?


Dr. Ted Dunn offers a comprehensive and innovative approach that integrates the pragmatic work of planning and visioning with the inner work of transformation, an approach he calls a Journey of Transformation. The foundation of this approach comes from his in-depth examination of the nature of transformation and his 30 years of experience guiding communities through these crossroads. Looking through the lenses of different disciplines, he arrives at the guiding principles and dynamic elements of transformation. These are integrated into the Journey of Transformation and illustrated throughout the book.

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  • Dunn, Ted. (2021, Winter). "Seeing with new eyes: the inner work of transformation needed for these times." The Occasional Papers (Winter). pp. 6-10.
  • Dunn, Ted (2020, Winter). "Advent’s deeper invitation: walking the ancient path." InFormation.
  • Dunn, Ted. (2019, Summer). "The Role of Meaning-Making in Transitional Times."  The Occasional Papers
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We will NOT be Silent Anymore!

“We will not be silent anymore!” was the chant at the rally on behalf of immigrants in downtown San Antonio. The Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence, a catholic religious community in San Antonio, sponsored a rally on behalf of all Hispanic immigrants, and the silent majority of U.S. citizens, who wish to welcome the stranger. Over 100 people came to pray, sing, peacefully march the streets, and hear from several speakers about the plight of immigrants and what we could do about it.

As a result of this rally, and as a way to build upon what we began, we are inviting those who attended the rally, and others who share in this cause. Ted and Beth with be facilitating this gathering sponsored by the Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence at their center in San Antonio. The purpose of the day will be to share our understandings, resources, ways in which we might be able to help, and to mobilize actions in support of the Hispanic immigrants. We will gather, put our heads and hearts together, and come up with creative ways to network, support, and create action steps that could be taken. 

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