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About CCS

Our mission is to promote growth and well-being for individuals and the communities within which people live and serve our world.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

Comprehensive Consulting Service (CCS) has been providing consultation, training, and facilitation services since 1985. It is owned and operated by Dr. Ted Dunn. and Dr. Beth Lipsmeyer. We are a husband and wife team, both licensed clinical psychologists, and both greatly experienced working with Religious Communities and other value-based organizations. While located in the St. Louis, Missouri, we work across the United States, Europe, Africa, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

We are dedicated to providing consulting, training and facilitation services for communities and organizations who are seeking to develop the best of their potential and weave together their passions for a hope-filled future. Our mission is to promote growth and well-being for individuals and the organizations within which people live and minister.

We believe that our mission is our ministry as it speaks to our desire to serve God with the gifts of healing, teaching and facilitating. We seek to empower others by helping them integrate their own values and spiritual beliefs into concrete behaviors. We seek to promote mutual responsibility and accountability in relationship. We believe in the co-authorship of truth and co-creation of relationships. We believe in an interdependent circle of life that challenges us to be authentic, compassionate in relationship, and to be faithful on the journey.

We are dedicated to assist in the healing of persons and organizations that have suffered from painful human interactions and systemic challenges. We value alleviating unnecessary suffering, and the symptoms that result, as well as helping people to claim and develop their inherent resources and gifts to prevent suffering.

We seek to promote personal growth in healthy individuals who are searching for meaning, authenticity and depth in their journey. We believe in holistic approaches for assisting people to grow. Thus, we are committed to fostering integration and balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual dimension for the purpose of enhancing personal and professional relationships.

We are committed to promoting interpersonal growth and effectiveness. Our aim to empower people to change how they relate to, and converse with, one another in order to foster congruence and authenticity. We believe in the far-reaching powers of systemic change to prevent illness and maximize human potential.

More About Us
Dr. Ted Dunn
Clinical Psychologist
Husband and Wife
Dr. Beth Lipsmeyer
Clinical Psychologist
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