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  • Ted Dunn (2024). Gather the Wisdom, Weave a Dream: A visioning guide for leaders and planners of faith communities seeking deep change and transformation. CCS Publications, Trinity, FL. Available May, 2024.

  • Ted Dunn. (2023) El poder del trabajo interno para la transformación: guía para la reflexión personal y el intercambio comunitario. CCS Publications: Trinity, FL.

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  • Ted Dunn. (2021). The Inner Work of Transformation: A Guide for Personal Reflection and Communal Sharing. CCS Publications: Clearwater, FL

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  • Ted Dunn. (2020). Graced Crossroads: Pathways to deep change and transformation. CCS Publications: St. Louis, MO

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CARE stands for Conversational Approach to Relational Effectiveness. CARE is a training program that uses conversational and relational skills to make real, and bring to life, the value-base of “mutuality.” It is intended to enhance relational effectiveness by fostering congruence, authenticity and interdependence. It promotes a culture of nonviolence and provides the concomitant skills to behave the gospel call to “love one another.”

We provide training for religious congregations, leadership teams, as well as other value based organizations. When applied to organizations systemic change is enabled by redefining the cultural norms of relating. While the basic skills of CARE are about communications, the heart of it is about life skills for relating well in community.


Communities, teams and groups that go through CARE together form a learning community. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that has long-lasting effects. The best way to learn about it is by talking with us and the people that have gone through it.

See CARE Described for a brief description of CARE or for a more complete introduction download the PDF file entitled, Introducing CARE.

Or Contact us for additional information, introductory materials or references.

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