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Ted Dunn, Ph.D.

Dr. Ted Dunn

Professional Background

Dr. Ted Dunn is a licensed clinical psychologist and co-founder of Comprehensive Consulting Services in Trinity, Florida. He has over thirty years of experience providing consultation, training and facilitation services to religious communities and other faith-based organizations throughout the United States and internationally. His background as a consultant, facilitator, professor, and psychotherapist has prepared him well for his current focus on guiding communities seeking deep change and transformation.

Dr. Dunn obtained his undergraduate training at Ohio State University, and his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from St. Louis University. He completed his graduate training in 1985 following his internship at Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey where he concentrated on psychotherapy and systems interventions. He has advanced training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy from the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute as well as in systems applications from masters in the field. He has extensive experience with assessment methods and has consulted, taught, published, and developed laboratories for hospitals.


As an outgrowth of his clinical experience, Dr. Dunn’s practice has evolved and today focuses upon consulting, training, and facilitation services provided to communities across the globe. He trains communities in the skills of communal discernment, contemplative listening, and nonviolent communication. He facilitates and speaks at Chapters and assemblies. He consults with leadership teams and accompanies communities in planning their future with an emphasis on processes aimed at deep change and transformation. His new books (Graced Crossroads: Pathways to Deep Change and Transformation and The Inner Work of Transformation: A Guide for Personal Reflection and Communal Sharing) demonstrate his capacity to integrate spirituality, psychology, and systems theory. He is regularly asked to speak on these topics and serves part-time on the faculty for the Forest Dwelling Program, Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas.


The integration of spirituality, psychology and value-based skills are key to his efforts. Though the approaches and populations he has served have varied over the years, his compassionate approach to healing, belief in the natural resiliency of the human spirit, and personal commitment to life-long learning remain the foundation to all his professional endeavors. These are the bedrock to his current call to minister to faith communities, empowering them to live well and partner in co-creating a future full of hope, meaning and purpose.

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