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Leadership Consultation

Communities don’t create teams, teams do

A group does not become a “team” just by virtue of an election. Communities don’t create teams. They elect people who they think can become a team and it is up to those elected to create a “team”. We help teams build a strong sense of partnership and cohesion enabling each person to bring their best self to the tasks at hand.

Teams need to accomplish “tasks” while attending to their “relationships” at the same time. An overemphasis on either one of these, to the exclusion of the other, can cause a team to fail. We offer consultation that attends to both dimensions of teaming, task and relationship, while recognizing that these are inextricably bound together.

We offer consultation in order to help teams develop and create themselves as team. In addition, we help teams maintain their effectiveness through ongoing assessment of their effectiveness (Quality Team Effectiveness – QTE) and process consultation.

We assist Leader Teams Develop themselves as team, establish goals and create a strategic plan for accomplishing them. We help teams with visioning and communal transformation processes, dealing with community conflicts,and working through resistance to change. We help teams plan interventionsto assist local communities or members who are struggling. Lastly, we offer “coaching” for individual team members (or subgroups) to assist in their unique needs.

Articles related to new models of leadership, the misuse of power and working with resistance

For additional information on issues related to leadership, please see Dr. Dunn’s recent articles published in Human Development, listed in our resource section under published articles

  • “Circular models of leadership: Birthing a new way of being”

  • “Triangulation and the misuse of power: A dance of victims, villains and rescuers”

  • “Don’t Resist Resistance: Embracing the hard work of change.”

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