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Dealing with “difficult” people or situations

We provide assistance for teams who have to intervene on the behalf of an individual, local community or a segment of a community that may be in trouble. As licensed clinical psychologists we are adept at such interventions and can aid a team that may be too close to the situation. 

A member of the team may be a friend or in a conflictual relationship with the person(s) needing help. The team may be unfamiliar with certain kinds of dysfunction or personnel “problems.” We can offer help in any of these kinds of circumstances, for example:

Individual Trouble
  • Seriously depressed or suicidal

  • Alcoholic or drug dependent

  • Sexually or physically abused or abusive

  • Physically ill, but non-compliant with treatment

  • Mentally ill and in need of intervention

Local community
  • Dealing with persons who display difficult behavior (e.g., verbally abusive; disruptive of meetings)

  • Conflict that is unresolved and continues on through triangulation, gossip and acting out)

Group, Organization or Staff
  • Difficulty in a community’s ministry setting (e.g., hospital or school)

  • Difficulty with one of the team’s own members or support staff

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