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Communal Discernment

Group Grace


We facilitate communal discernment processes that lead to Election of Leadership as well as discernment processes used for deciding other major issues. Communal Discernment is one of many processes used to make decisions and is especially suited for those “big” issues that deserve such a time-intensive approach. The gifts of discernment are among the most profound that any group can experience (e.g., grace-filled, reconciliation, deepened partnership and ownership).

Most religious have extensive exposure to personal discernment, but relatively less exposure, let alone training, in communal discernment. We help communities grow in their capacity to listen to and integrate “God’s will” with “my will” and “our will.” With training and facilitation groups can grow substantially in their experience of communal discernment and discover “holy ground” in assemblies and Chapters.

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For a more complete discussion of communal discernment, please obtain a copy of Dr. Dunn’s articles in Review for Religious, in our Resource section under published articles:

  • Dunn, T. (2012). Interior Freedom: A reflective guide and exercise. Submitted to Human Development.

  • Dunn, T. (2005). Where two or more are gathered. Review for Religious, 64 (3), 230 – 241.

  • Dunn, T. (2004). Electing leadership through communal discernment: Goals, myths, and gifts. Review for Religious. 63 (3), 230-243.

  • Guidelines for Chapter

  • Guidelines for communal discernment

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