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Chapter and Assembly Services

Facilitation Services

We regularly plan and facilitate Chapters and Assemblies. While many many others provide facilitation services, we bring over 30 years of experience. Additionally, as clinical psychologist we bring a wealth on knowledge and experience in understanding and working with individual and group dynamics.

Integrating Affairs and Elections

We have been facilitating Chapters of Affairs and Election for over 30 years. We are typically involved in each of the steps pertaining to Chapters from planning, to facilitation and finally the evaluation of Chapters. We also plan and facilitate communal discernment processes leading up elections and other major community decisions.

For many communities the distinction between “affairs” and “elections” is becoming blurred as they seek more integrative ways to do Chapter. Rather than compartmentalizing these two facets of Chapter, many are trying to integrate the work of visioning and direction setting with the discernment of leadership and the participation of membership.

Related articles

For a more complete discussion of communal discernment, please obtain a copy of Dr. Ted Dunn’s articles in Review for Religious, in our resource section under published articles:

  • Dunn, T. (2005). Where two or more are gathered. Review for Religious, 64 (3), 230 – 241.

  • Dunn, T. (2004). Electing leadership through communal discernment: Goals, myths, and gifts. Review for Religious. 63 (3), 230-243.

  • Guidelines for Chapter

  • Guidelines for communal discernment

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